Venice -Carmagnola’s head

The Carmagnola’s head, is assimilated to a red porphyry head placed in the loggia of the basilica of San Marco, stuck on the pillar in the southwest corner of the balustrade. Francesco Bussone, called Carmagnola, was a captain of the Serenissima Republic. Found guilty of treason and alliance with the enemy,  was beheaded in 1432. The charge is unjust for this … Continue reading

Venice,strange weather events.

Venice-strange weather events. Strange weather events have always been in the world ,but also in Venice . Have to remember some rare and unexpected events for a city with a typical climate of the Po Valley, with minimum winter temperatures on average of 1 ° C, a transition between the Mediterranean and the continental climate. Considered “normal phenomenon” in Venice … Continue reading

The two columns of St. Mark’s Square

The two columns of St. Mark’s Square The two columns of the Piazzetta San Marco, with the statues of St. Theodore and the lion of St. Mark, had to be originally three, but the third column was lost with the ship during the landing. After have been discharged the two columns remain horizontal for over a century. Nobody find a way to … Continue reading

Saint Theodore- Venice

Saint Theodore- Venice Saint Theodore (Todaro for the Venetians), Byzantine saint and warrior, was the first patron of the city of Venice. Saint Theodore is portrayed in marble,in top of one of collone in St. Mark’s square, killing a dragon, as a metaphor of good conquering devil .The statue is actually a copy. The original is at the entrance of … Continue reading

The Council of Ten in Venice,Fornaretto’s story

The Council (il consiglio), a collegial body with consultative or deliberative functions, replaces the popular assemblies in Venice,forming the foundations of the Venetian constitution. The patrician of Venice, a branding member of the council is raised from childhood with the idea that everything he has is due to the Republic. He must use his intelligence and experience, for the good of the … Continue reading

The festival of San Marco,and the legends

The festival of San Marco takes place on April 25, the date of the death of St. Mark, but on the time of the Republic of Venice were also dedicated to St Mark January 31, in remember the translation of the relics in Venice,and June 25, the date of the discovery of the relics in 1094, the place where was been … Continue reading

April 25, the feast of liberation, the feast of St. Mark and legends

April 25, the feast of liberation, the feast of St. Mark and legends. On April 25, we celebrate the Feast of the liberation of Italy from the occupation by the German army and the fascist government (1945).Men and women of all ages are dead then to grant us the democratic rights of which we enjoy today. Every year in various Italian cities … Continue reading

The House of Three Eyes

The House of Three Eyes   The House of Three Eyes,at Giudecca,Venice, is a building of the twentieth century, a splendid testimony of the Venetian architecture, the result of different architectural trends, from traditional Venetian warehouse to the avant-garde trend of the twentieth century.The House of Three Eyes was designed and built by the Italian artist Mario De Maria,(Marius Pictor, … Continue reading

Venetian Doge Marin Faliero

Venetian Doge Marin Faliero   Venice ,  Cannaregio . The porch Falier  recalls the figure of the doge Marin Faliero (that at age 60 he became doge of Venice 11 Sept. 1354 ) , and that 17 april was beheaded in 1355 for having conspired against the Republic. On the main hall of the Palazzo Ducale,in  the Grand Council (Sala del Maggior Consiglio) … Continue reading