Venice ,the regatta

The international word ,regatta, comes from the Latin word aurigare – term used with the sense of race, which the venetians used with the sense of racing on boats.Every year,on the first Sunday of September, you can see along the Grand Canal the regatta of Venice ,who is composed of two distinct phases : the historical parade and competitive regattas. The … Continue reading

The red blooming rose

On the day of the festival ,of Saint Mark ,in the square that houses the church recline numerous market stalls, selling the famous “bocolo”, the red blooming rose  traditionally given by the Venetians ,a romantic tradition that no Venetian male ever think of not keep,to their beloved women: girlfriends, wives and mothers. Obviously at the base of the festival  is a … Continue reading

The festival of San Marco,and the legends

The festival of San Marco takes place on April 25, the date of the death of St. Mark, but on the time of the Republic of Venice were also dedicated to St Mark January 31, in remember the translation of the relics in Venice,and June 25, the date of the discovery of the relics in 1094, the place where was been … Continue reading

April 25, the feast of liberation, the feast of St. Mark and legends

April 25, the feast of liberation, the feast of St. Mark and legends. On April 25, we celebrate the Feast of the liberation of Italy from the occupation by the German army and the fascist government (1945).Men and women of all ages are dead then to grant us the democratic rights of which we enjoy today. Every year in various Italian cities … Continue reading

Carnival, Venetian masks

Carnival  Venetian  Masks The Venetian masks have a long history of protecting the identity of the wearer during promiscuous or decadent activities .Venetian masks are  Made for centuries in Venice, these distinctive venezian masks were made from paper mache and decorated with fur, fabric , gems, or feathers.The symbol of Carnival in Venice, a street show and exhibition of fantastic characters .  Masked, … Continue reading

The Venezian Carnival masks

The Venezian Carnival masks Venetian carnival masks are the representative objects in Venice, because it shows the spirit of Venice projected towards the transgression and fun. The carnival masks were worn in many occasions and for many months of the year. In the eighteenth century, Venice enjoyed the reputation of having the world’s most famous Carnival, where participated all social classes, and … Continue reading

Venice carnival masks

Venice carnival masks Venetian carnival masks have a long history . The Venetians have always had the habitude of wearing carnival masks and fancy clothes ,  not just during the Carnival period , but also on many other occasions during the year. .Of course the reason that made them dress up and hide their faces with carnival masks in particular times and places … Continue reading

Venice – Carnival, Mary’s feast days

    Venice – Carnival, Mary’s  feast  days   The  Mary’s feast days “Festa delle Marie” was born at the beginning of the ninth century ,( on February 2 of each year) , to thank to the Virgin Mary for her intercession and to commemorate the victory over the pirates.The Mary’s feast days  seems to have been introduced in the year 943 and … Continue reading

Venice – carnival, the Angel Flight

Venice – the Angel Flight ” Angel Flight .The name come from an real fly during the carnival in 1500 when a young turkish acrobat , was the protagonist of an action never seen before in Venice. From a boat anchored on the quay of the Piazzetta (San Marco), the acrobat was able to get up to the belfry of the  San Marco … Continue reading

Venice festivals – Shrove Thursday

Venice-Shrove Thursday At the begining of each Carnival  is set the date for the start of the official celebrations.( Shrove Thursday ) That begins on the first Saturday before Shrove Thursday and ends at Shrove Tuesday for a total of only eleven days.During the Carnival the business and affairs of the Venetians passed into the background, and they conceded every day of … Continue reading