Halowen Una festivita che si celebra principalmente  in America e che inizialmente si chiamava ”  All Hallow eye” cioe la notte prima dei Ognissanti . Hallowen coincideva con la medesima festa  del 31 ottobre,ed era una combinazione di celebrazione cristiana con una festa celtica pagana; con il tempo,si fonde con simili abitudini di immigrati del Regno Unito, di Germania , … Continue reading


    VENEZIA     ISSA  FUSINA. A Fusina una località situata in  terraferma sulla foce del fiume Brenta,  sono stati inventati i primi mulini di acqua. Una ruota dotata di casse triangolari che veniva fata girare di un sistema di ingranaggi ,che caricavano acqua dal fiume Brenta nei Bruchi  .Infatti ISSA o LISSA-sta significando acqua ma anche incitamento ad alzare qualcosa … Continue reading

venice -The wells

  The problem of water in the early settlements During the barbarian invasions , the few inhabitants of the islands and coasts, were facing their needs of water with the ” rainwater collection .” With the arrival of entire populations fleeing from the mainland running from the continuous invasions ,the water supply becomes a major problem – was not enough rain water … Continue reading

Venice-The highest tide

The highest tide . 04 November 1966 is a fateful day of the recent Venetian history that marked a turning point in the secular defense of Venice from the aggressions of the natural elements .The tide begins to rise in the late evening of November 3 , when it reaches one meter and 27 centimeters. At dawn on November 4, when … Continue reading


Nutrition – alimentary risk factors A healthy diet is a varied diet that brings at least 50 essential nutrients per day – No food in itself is harmful but the preparation , the excessive consume,combination of foods can be harmful. Also uneaten food , and some conditions or circumstances as: – Consumption less than two meals a day, -a reduced … Continue reading

VENICE- the ghetto and the jewish

    GHETTO OF VENICE The Venetian Ghetto is located in the Cannaregio district , just five minutes walk from the train station and ten from Piazzale Roma. A Jewish community was present in Venice since the twelfth century (documented in 1152 ) and consisted of about 1300 people. Traditionally Venetian Jews practiced usury,or what was known as such, that is a … Continue reading

Venice – exodus of the population

  Exodus of the populationis one of the main problem of   Venice and  is caracterised by the continued decline of the resident population in the historic center, beginning with the second half of the past century . It is a phenomenon that manifests  everywhere in the old cities , and justified by the general trend to live in contexts more functional for modern life , generally … Continue reading

Venice – emergencies

Venice – emergencies -The Emergency , algae An exceptional bloom of algae can give a high level of pollution.Started in 1989 ,the removing of 200,000 cubic meters of algae and lasted five years with high costs for disposal and transport . The maintenance of navigable way of water requires collection of billions of cubic meters of mud . If in the past … Continue reading

Il marketing e la guerra

    Il marketing e la guerra Finché l’uomo resta un animale, vive per il combattimento, a spese degli altri, teme e odia il prossimo. − La vita, quindi, è guerra. Hermann Hesse, Guerra e pace, 1946 La Guerra Totale è la Società moderna stessa, al suo più alto grado di efficienza. Georges Bernanos, La Francia contro i robots, 1944/47 … Continue reading