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A healthy diet is a varied diet that brings at least 50 essential nutrients per day
– No food in itself is harmful but the preparation , the excessive consume,combination of foods can be harmful.
Also uneaten food , and some conditions or circumstances as:

– Consumption less than two meals a day,
-a reduced daily consumption of vegetables and fruits ( 400-500 g / day),
– consumption of junk foods that have no nutritional intake , consumed
just for the taste or for little cost ,
-use more than three units of alcohol per day (more than 1/2 litters of beer per day ,
300ml wine or 100ml brandy ),

-physical impossibility to cook or shop ,
– loss or gain weight  through a very strict diet ( starvation )
– eating highly refined foods that do not contain fiber ,
– smoking,
– poor condition of the teeth ,
-poverty ,
– administration of drugs that interact with food , modifying the absorption of food,can lead to serious diseases .

you also have to keep in mind every day of the three magic numbers 0-3-30 mean
0 cigarettes smoked
3 servings of vegetables and fruits per day
30 minutes of exercise (sports ) per day,

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and don’t forget you need about 8 glasses  or 2 litters of water  per day for a good hydration.

The vitamins – contribute to the development of other nourishing substances , proteins, fats , and carboidrati minerals, and helps to form hematic cells , hormones, genetic material and chemicals present in the nervous system

Antioxidants – is the body’s natural defense against damage caused by
free radicals and  are vitamins like vitamin E, C , and other ingredients like vitamins as carotenoids , lycopene and lutein as well as selenium oligominerals .
So to have a healthy body should have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

To get your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals , besides food can be consumed too food integrators , from vitamins and minerals with specific substances extracted from
plants ( proteins,echinacea , carotene, lecithin, glucosamine , coenzyme Q10 , biotin, folic acid , etc.).plant protein

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