Venice train station

venice train station

venice train station

Venice -Saint Lucia

The Venice train station or Saint Lucia train station is  the terminus of the railway trunk of four tracks that reach the Mestre train station, from  where it branches into several lines to Milan, Trieste , Trento , Udine, Adria .
Venice train station has 23 tracks, from track 1-23 . ( The track 20 does not exist, it goes directly from platform 19 to platform 21 )
the tracks 17-23 are after the track 14 , and is accessed through the passages along the track 14
ticket office , and automatic self service and are inside  .

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

club  freccia -intercity trains -at the begining of platform 13
Italo  house – inside the hall
customer information  near the ticket office ,
The Blue Room –  people with disabilities – track 14





-toilet – along the  platform 1   , 1 euro / person .

travel agencies, hotels and info –  inside the hall
 luggage storage – platform 1 ( in the of the platform )

police station – platform 14 (about half track)
public phones – forward of the station on the left side looking towards the big canal .
box mail – in front of the the station on the left side looking towards the big canal .


-all regional trains pass through the   Mestre (train station)
– before leaving, the tickets must be validated in the ticket machines located at the beginning of each track (  green or yellow)
bars and restaurants

” station buffet ” pizza restaurant-  at the begining of platform platform 14

-after the 23 -rd  track , toward the bridge of the constitution there are another 2 bar

KFC -restaurant

Spizzico -fast food
Piazzale Roma place is car terminal and the city terminus of all the lines of transport.
Here you will also find the nearest car parks : The municipal garage , Garage San Marco, St. Andrea Park .
The link between Piazzale Roma and the train station is made through the fourth bridge on the Grand Canal , designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

For information on timetables and prices please contact the appropriate sites of the  RFI or Grandi Stazioni.

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