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See other items, is a guide of information and links to follow along with fascinating stories of  palaces, adventurers, courtesans, parties and wars happened in the great Venetian Republic.

other articles In the eighteenth century,Venice enjoyed the reputation of having the world’s most famous Carnival and carnival mask representing the trick for the great magic of the collective meetings….
Carnival old feasts –human pyramids ,the Moorish dance,the competition between the two venetian fractions, during the carnival , as in other ocasions, became a nornal thing .


…The name come from an real fly during the carnival in 1500 when a young turkish acrobat , was the protagonist of an action never seen before in Venice.

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other items saint john and paul churchthe Basilica of Saints John and Paul ( in Venetian dialect San Zanipolo) is one of the most impressive medieval religious building in Venice. In the “Pantheon of the Doges of Venice,”were buried , since 1300, twenty-five, from one hundred and twenty of the Doges of the Republic….


A great conspiracy against the government of the Republic of Venice was born in 1310
Three young nobleman :Baiamonte Tiepolo, Marco Querini and Badoero Badoer turned against the Doge Pietro Gradenigo, and wanted to establish a new oligarchic government favorable to the papacy. ...

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Ca Dario palace is famous for the supposed curse ,that is still over it. All its owners have ended badly ,for the bankruptcy or violent death,because Ca Dario palace, is built over an ancient Templar cemetery….


The origin of the word Casino (small house) provides a clear description of these places: small but cozy and intimate places, where you could meet friends. The first gambling house (the Foyer of St. Moses) was born in Venice in 1638.


When speak about homosexuality at that times, speak almost automatically ,about a relationship between an adult and a boy of age between fourteen and eighteen (remember that at the time puberty came later).

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The casino has always had a special appeal in the collective imagination , fueled by ca nogheraliterature ,cinema and other media.Gambling began to spread in Venice since the sixteenth century, despite the prohibitions and punishments .


The daughter of a “honest” courtesan, Veronica Franco was started in this art from her mother at a young age and, as she had learned to use her natural talents.Being a courtesan allowed her to study,to have the freedom and independence while the noble women could neither study nor take decisions outside of the run of the housework

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Along the venice history ,the courtesans was tolerated by the normal people but also by the authoriry .In a cosmopolitan city like Venice, with a large passage of foreigners,in addition to trade oriental spices,salt ,silk and fabrics, a very important rate of the Venetian economy was made up of what today we would call tourism. But as businessmen and pilgrims they did not live just from the pure spirit …


The modern celebration of the Carnival of Venice has reinvigorated the art and craft of making Venetian masks.There are available different styles and colors , from the traditional Harlequin to Colombine ,unique colorful masks .From the Luxury line,elegant and stunning Venetian masks made of gold, laser-cut metal , adorned with authentic Swarovski crystals….


Masked, a servant could be confused with a nobleman,or vice versa. The Inquisitors of State and spies could question citizens without fear that their true identity could be discovered ( citizens could answer without fear of retaliation ) . The morale of the people was maintained through the use of masks, not faces, they all was “only voices”.


The Venetians have always had the habitude of wearing carnival masks and fancy clothes , not just during the Carnival period , but also on many other occasions during the year.The women disguised themselves with carnival masks not only to not be recognized , but also to have a better conspicuousness ….
M.O.S.E._0001M.O.S.E. -MOdello Sperimentale Elletromecanico – Electromecanic experimental model
is a part of the General Plan of Measures for the Protection of Venice and its lagoon
from high waters, which become more frequent and intense .

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Without masks, simple clothes, hat like servants. The “regatta” with wheelbarrows was probably an ironic playful competition,for the lower classes, just for fun, and to attract the attention of the public.But this singular spectacle was also done to attract the crowds, to put them together , and to propose a ” special balm ” or ” elixir of life ” ,to the people who believe in these things. These are the ancestors of modern-day advertising .


These feasts were celebrated in the eighteenth century , when the Carnival began in
the first Sunday, on October .Bull hunt, the cat,The eel in barrel….last about two
weeks. In St. Mark’s Square and camps are organized pageants , concerts,various performances and fireworks.
The Mary’s feast days ”Festa delle Marie” was born at the beginning of the ninth century ,
( on February 2 of each year) , to thank to the Virgin Mary for her intercession and to commemorate the victory over the pirates.


During the Carnival the business and affairs of the Venetians passed into the background, le marie festaand they conceded every day of their time to the festivities, jokes, entertainment and events that were set up throughout the city, especially in Piazza San Marco

Today we see only a reflection of its former magnificence , and most of these designs have been lost over the time …But the austerity of this building seems a bit tempered by the particular decoration the two pillars at the sides of the entrance , which may appear somewhat ” licentious ”….

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Becoming the scapegoat , was charged with the responsibility for everything bad happened in the world…After a summary trial …the old woman was going to die in a nearby field ” asfegher ” (not seeded).
The lion became the symbol of the St.Mark because his Gospel begins like that :” remember the voice of the Baptist in the wilderness ,rises like a roar , announcing the coming of Jesus to men “; well, the lion quickly became also the symbol of the Serenissima….


The rules regarding the daily life of the Venetians, were inscribed on the stone to confirm that the respect for the citizens and the consumers was on the first place , and remained stable over time….


The structure is steel, the floors (made of glass of Saint Gobain) , Istrian stone and Classic GreyTrachit from Montemerlo . Even the railings are made of glass , ( a beautiful idea of​the transparent glass ), with brass handrails .Inside the handrails are installed LED bulbs that draw the ray of light in the glass railings .


carmagnolaThe ancient red porphyry comes from Mons Porphyrites, and had origin from an volcano ,
about 630 million years old…in the Basilica of San Marco on the atrium floor , in front of the main entrance , the lozenge of red porphyry,is the exact spot where the emperor Frederick Barbarossa (Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire),knelt before the Pope Alexander III.
Between the twelfth and thirteenth century , (1100-1200), Ca’zozzana took the name of Mira in memory of Myra (region of Lycia ; Asia Minor) , where St. Nicholas was Archbishop ;and the boatmen of the river Brenta proclaimed him “saint-patron of sailors and Mira town”….
Saint Stephen church-
Is a religious building in the city of Venice, located in the San Marco district , not far from the Accademia Bridge …Jerusalem , A.D. 360 (the name Stephen in greek means ” crowned ” ) Venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, was the first Christian to give his life because of his faith in Christ and to spread the Gospel.

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